Shenzhen Micctech’s Footprint at CWPE 2017



On October 31, 2017, CWPE 2017 was unveiled at Beijing Fengda International Hotel under the theme of Smart Energy and Smart Manufacturing to Upgrade the Industry. The summit covered technical topics including wind turbines, sensors, and control system, and has successful drawn over 300 audiences, among them leaders from governments and associations, experts from the industry, and representatives from clients and suppliers for integrated equipment, components, electrical assemblies, and raw materials.



After the opening ceremony, the organization committee named companies of the year 2017 in the wind power industry, and Shenzhen Micctech was awarded the Innovation Prize. The honor recognizes Micctechs efforts in product innovation and inspires the team to move vigorously toward more progresses in product performance and quality. Mr. Jiang Jinlong, supervisor of the energy storage business unit of Micctech, addressed the audience to brief on Energy Storage Unit Solution in Pitch Systems at the Smart Energy and Smart Manufacturing session in the afternoon.



In his speech, Mr. Jiang briefed the deep concerns in the industry, such as energy storage for pitch systems and insufficient energy of long blades, and introduced at great length about types of energy storage units. He shared his insights that lithium batteries and supercapacitors will play the key roles in pitch systems, and the great momentum in computer/communication/consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and energy storage products are creating mature lithium batteries with longer service life. Mr. Jiang pointed out that wind turbines equipped with these batteries require no maintenance at all throughout their 20-year lifetime in theory, as long as batteries are under proper management.



Mr. Jiang also mentioned energy storage products and upgrades in Micctech which apparently raised curiosity among the audience, since some approached to Mr. Jiang later during the tea break asking for more technical details about upgraded lithium batteries.


The technical session not only brought voices in the industry together to discuss the status and future of energy storage in pitch systems, but also offered a chance for Micctech to be known for its strength in products and upgrade plans, a win-win for both the market and companies alike.

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