Highlights from Micctech’s Debut at CWP2017



The annual event in the wind power industry CWP was convened during October 17-19, 2017, and Micctech marked its debut at the event in wind power industry. Lets recap some of the highlights.


Micctech presented to the audience the PD-C600 series servo drives designed for pitch systems. A pitch drive system was recreated at the exhibition site so that customers could commission and operate the product at the exhibition site after setting them up with motors and software.



Many friends attending the conference became interested in the integrated drives for pitch systems. They tested at first hand the accuracy of PD-C600, and exchanged their thoughts with technical experts to learn features and performance details about the drives.


At the same time, energy storage battery modules/chargers, general inverters were also among exhibits from Micctech.

The exhibition under the theme of Core Drive offered a great chance for Micctech to impress the audience with extraordinary products and outstanding expertise. Micctech is committed to provide customers with superb products and professional services!